Welcome to the M.I. Experience

I champion people who are diagnosed with depression because I have tried all the treatments, and the only thing that has worked for me is coming to terms with who I really am.

I’m crazy; emotional; sad; happy; warm; cold; hot and fuzzy. It’s called being human, and I see nothing wrong with that.

I’m a fully paid up member of the depression circle, I have the badge, and I the scars to prove it. While my life has been a struggle, it has not stopped me from being here today, and that is celebratory.

What is my goal now that I’ve witnessed how crap I can be? Good question dear reader, well let me tell you something…

I want to change how we view depression and its affiliates. Yes, that’s right, I want this world to see mental health not through the eyes of illness, but through the eyes of wellness. 

It’s ok to not feel ok, ok?

What does this mean? It means my dear that if you feel crap about you then you are human, and human is great.

So what have I got?

The MI Experience is a workshop for professionals and businesses to create dialogue about mental health and for people to develop personally and professionally, it’s all about the power of imagination. I bring to you 80’s movies to get the conversation flowing and to offer ideas from modern stories how we can change our emotional health and lead a better life. You can book this workshop NOW by heading to my Contact page.

Mindset Reset is a live show on Zoom every week at 6.30pm (UK time that is). Here I talk about my experiences, what I have learned, ideas to combat those dark emotions and pop culture. I also have guest spots, interviews and tips; as well as a weekly quiz and a movie of the week for you to watch and learn about our human emotions. It’s fun, it’s wild, it’s a bit whacky. Come along, head over to my Facebook page to get a ticket or sign up to my emails below.

SHP is a show about my experience with depression and how it makes me crazy. It’s about personal love, and I now love who I am. This is a theatre show, so check out your local details as shows will be coming, 2022.

Love who you are. That’s not a request; If you self-harm, if you take pills, if you are unhappy, if you feel anxious all the time, love yourself.

My mission is to give us control over our emotions.

Scrap mental health let’s call it emotional health. 

If we take ownership of our emotions then that means we can control it. We no longer need zombie making pills; we need mindful control and balance. Bring balance to your force my dears.

That’s my mission, welcome to my website, click on the tools and then get me into your world, I’ll love it, so will you, (not guaranteed.)

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