Ideas Fall to a C90

“Since the day he was born, he was trouble.”  – (this line has been brought to you courtesy of The Rocky Horror Show, by Richard O’Brien, and is being used to describe when my emotional health issues began). Thank you. 

C90 Cassette Tapes, circa 1980’s

We open to a park, and then pan down onto two men sitting on a bench. They both wear hats, smoke pipes and look up at the blue sky. The man on the left speaks first.

I’m an emotion freak! Literally that is, I mean totally. 

What makes you say that Mr T?

Well, let’s abandon all ideas of normality as I invite you to join me on a magical feast of a ride into…

…this land is your land, this land is my land. An introductory video to perfectly summarize the passions that hold us all back when we want to cry. 

My Personal Hello to You

“If I’m not back in five minutes, just wait longer.”

The last time I saw The Last Starfighter was last decade, and it was the last last Last Starfighter that came last. 

In this blog I am trying something different; rather than me rant off on emotional health issues and how we can use mindfulness for people who have severe emotions I thought perhaps I should shut my mouth from being such a know-it-all and let my imagination take over. This may be a pick n’ mix of different stuffs; but I feel it perfectly depicts how our brains actually work. I have depression, this is my world. 

Black. A light snaps onto an empty stage. A figure walks in carrying a cane, head lowered. She sings.

Welcome to the show.

In this part I will explain how I liken heightened emotions (I am deliberately not using mental health because it is not mental, it is emotional) to the role-playing game,Dungeons & Dragons.

There are a great many people who are Dungeons & Dragons, and they continue on their journeys across the gameboard of life slaying various monsters all the while boosting their own abilities. That’s cool, I know. However, there are some, and I include myself in this bracket should we wish to bracket ourselves with labels and shelves, who are Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, and in this game the tension is raised a level and those monsters are more fierce. You do get crossovers, and it would be lovely to trawl my way through the AD&D board to rest a little on the D&D board; you could even go from D&D to AD&D as life gets harder and your monsters abilities increase. But most of us stay within our own boundaries of fears and anxieties, loves and adventures. AD&D is more of a struggle because of the high level of emotions when faced with a challenge, and this causes depression, mood swings, behavioural disorders and whatever other tag they choose to put on what we call human behaviour. 

We all face dragons, demons, the underworld, fire, tricksters or sea monsters; but for AD&D people, there is another monster to face, ourselves. 

Actors from Dungeons & Dragons, the 80s television series

“Never look in a mirror when you are emotional, it only increases your chances of crying”. (Zac Thraves, March 2021)

What are you getting at? – (Zac the editor)

“Well, I mean to say that there are many people in this world who suffer from an increase of emotions and this affects their view of the world, and how they react to it. What I am trying to put over is that there is nothing wrong with this; you are human and humans are emotional. By calling ‘mental health’ a problem is creating this false idea that we should be worried about acting emotionally. That’s just plain old Rocky & Bullwinkle! Your thoughts do not define your life, but they do make up some of the wonderfully unique aspects of you. It is a part, not a whole. Those dark thoughts are not in sole control of your world, just like the rain is not in sole control of the world”. 

Ghosts meander when we mean to bid them farewell.

This programme is about imagination. (cue rapturous applause from our live studio audience)

I walk on, and take a mighty bow.

Hey folks, do you remember when ideas fell out of your mind like Silly String? Maybe that’s not what happens to all of us, but maybe it is. Some people simply don’t want to admit it. Everyone has an imagination. 

 The truth of the matter is what drives us forwards in this world is love. Not rage and aggression or hurt and fear – LOVE. The big L word that never goes away because even if you hate everything around you something will come back and love you. Love is our universal language; when you see love in a person’s eyes you know it without speaking. There are no borders, barriers, walls or boundaries when we begin to love.

The world gets smaller. 

The Cable Guy (1996 Ben Stiller):                                                                           “When your love is truly giving, it will come back to you ten fold.- It was Jerry Springer’s final thought on Friday’s show”.

We are a gift to each other. We should lift our heads high and sing the theme of Looney Tunes every morning as we reach out of bed and shine for the stars. 

Wishy-washee claptrap! You might be thinking that; yet all this demonising of our emotions and our thoughts and our actions is making the world as black as the blood that we drill from it. Come on, lift the clouds and swear allegiance to a new way of thinking – start with yourself, and watch the blossom return to the trees.

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  1. I say, a bit on the heavy stuff what. Should have gone in the army like what I did what. Didn’t hurt me what, but then I didn’t hurt anyone also what. Took away every thing that they thought could be used as a weapon what. Bloody fools, what.


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