I See Numbers Everywhere

This week’s edition is brought to you by the letter D, meaning Depression. 

Depression hit hard the last few days. The drag of knuckles and the low lips. The hum of noise in the head, the fog around the eyes. What’s that? Die? Yeah, you may. 

Instead I rub shoulders with the sun, smile to the grass and empty my head of all thoughts.

All Thoughts.

Not one goes through and it is the hardest thing anyone can do. It is like trying to move the Ever Given from the grip of the Suez; it is like trying to hold up the Eiffel Tower with one arm; it is like trying to talk to a group of world leaders who are deaf to the ills of the world. Trying to block thoughts is the hardest thing anyone can do.

My voice is like a marked deer

A rabid hound my tongue

When i cry no-one notices

When i scream it is the shot of a gun

I am done

Captain Kirk asking someone to not treat us like puppets, circa 1977

Now we turn to lighter things, like matches, or cigarette lighters; or cheese.

Do you see numbers? Why yes, young lady, I do.

I mean see them, really see them? Of course, I see numbers in all my daily duties.

Ah well, let me tell you something. 

I see a particular number everywhere. It remains as I glance towards a clock; it sits between other numbers on receipts; it hovers around on speed cameras and  it is parked in the back of screen shots like movie extras. 

When people talk it stumbles out of their mouths and greets me with a wicked grin. Once it appeared on the lucky dip of the lottery; I didn’t win. I’ve seen it in films by my favourite movie actors, I’ve witnessed it glow on credit card fronts. It’s my number, it sings to me and gives me power to face this world. It is my calm and my storm; my angel and my villain. It is me.

We all have our quirks; people who say they have no quirks are quirky enough to say that they don’t have any quirks. Quirks are what make us unique, and they give us personality. Some people (pre-pandemic) would wash their hands every 5 minutes or use hand gel; some would have to dance a ritual should you utter the play McBeth to them in a theatre. For me I have a number, and if you spend any time with me you will notice how often that number appears throughout my day.

It’s the LAW OF ATTRACTION! You cry. Well yes and no. It appears when I am not thinking about it, whereas if I think about a Mercedes car then suddenly I see a gaggle of them. It is the universe working and giving signs. It is up to you what those signs mean. 

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right. 

Numeros mean something! They are a call from the universe! Take an instance where you look at the time and it says 11:11. Doesn’t that make you go woah?! It happened to me just this morning. Ot perhaps it says 14:14, or 02:22. When this happens to you, magic is in the air and you are being asked to…

…wait for it…


111 means that you are on the right path, to trust and believe in what you are doing.

444 is that you are being protected by the universe, or that angels surround you.

Come on, what’s not to like about this?!

We are all magical because the universe is magic and there are far more colours and shapes and ideas and atoms and dimensions that we don’t see because we trust our eyes and not our inner self. It’s that instinct, the one that means you just miss a bag of bricks falling on your head or you don’t make that trip on the plane a la Final Destination (other 90s movies do exist…and are far better). 

The number I see means a great deal to me, it has become my companion through this crazy ride of life. When I see it I know it’s all going to be okay, and it is. When I see it in it’s full form then that is a sign of something good. It reminds me that I am magical and that if I pursue my dreams they will become a reality. I have been witness to miracles working in my life, and the universe has answered. I have put all of my faith into something and trusted without pushing and the universe guided me towards a successful outcome. My life changed because of it, and the numbers I see are as powerful as I think they are.

Am I obsessed with this number, or numbers in general? I shall answer that for you…

Who gives a shit?

Number the alphabet like so, and then add your name up

What is my number? Watch the video below and I will introduce my name as a number, and then you reverse it. The freaky thing is that the number I’ve been seeing for years is actually the total number of my name reversed. 

Spectrum Vision, or, See the world your unique 48K way. 

Maybe now it’s time you opened your eyes. There’s nothing wrong with being mad if you think everyone else is mad. I read MAD magazine, I liked it. Does that mean I’m mad? I’m an adult with the mind that refuses to budge from the late 80s. I don’t care, why should anyone else? What harm does it do to anyone what you believe? 

So let me ask you a question: do you see numbers? 

In my head that sounded like Joel Haley Osment talking to Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense, but it wasn’t meant to be creepy. Take some time to notice and you will see that the universe does speak to you. Messages appear in the most strange places, and at the most unlikeliest times. Sometimes when you are looking you get nothing, sometimes you get bombarded and you have to go:


At which point you get a thumbs up and you move on with your day, but like Loki the trickster you’ll still get a number along the way. Try it, and if you see it too let me know. I’d love to think that I wasn’t the only crazy person in the world. Indeed, I am not.

Be strong; be good; be cool and stay fresh, cheese bags. 

Published by zacthrav

writer - performer and general lover...that doesn't mean I love generals...of movies and pop culture. Tackling Mental Health using my super powers.

2 thoughts on “I See Numbers Everywhere

  1. This is my new favourite blog.

    In uniqueness be power. To the power, I don’t know, I was shit at maths. My favourite number has always been 3.14 recurring, although recurring isn’t a number. It should be.

    “There’s nothing wrong with being mad if you think everyone else is mad. I read MAD magazine, I liked it. Does that mean I’m mad? I’m an adult with the mind that refuses to budge from the late 80s. I don’t care, why should anyone else? What harm does it do to anyone what you believe? “


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