Love is Life and Life is a Video Game

Previously, on Empire of Imagination…

Post Number 6…just like The Prisoner in classic televisual series, The Prisoner.

Here’s a tip for Spring, rub peanut butter around your lips and go for a walk in the park. You’ll be loved by all of nature. 

Video games; games; gamebooks; role-playing games. Games, games, games.

Life is a game, non? 

We work wonders when we want to stray from reality, and what better way to stray than to imagine that you are immersed in an ultra-realistic urban world where each action or inaction has consequences of different levels. Hey, you might be thinking that I am talking about one of these…

FIGHTING FANTASY GAME BOOK by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson

Or one of these…


Or these…

But no, I cry from a hounded mountain top, no; I am talking about that four letter word that begins with an L, ends with an E and is an IF in the middle. LIFE. 

So there may be problems with treating life as a game; some of them being that if you went around on a killing spree you would be arrested, and if you actually lived Call of Duty (without the training) you would most likely end up in the morgue; yet not all games have to be violent affairs like GTA or CofD, you can have games like Sims and that belter of a game from way back in my childhood: Back to Skool. You could even be Paperboy…

or Batman.

Yeah, alrighty then; the point I wish to illustrate with words is putting you central to your tale of comedy and tragedy. In games you are the core of the whole thing, but sometimes in life we put other people first. In fact, I think you will find that in reality as well as in games, YOU ARE THE CORE OF THE STORY.

What you say goes. What you think happens. What you want appears. What you decide shapes your future. You are the reason your world spins around. Without you here there would be no world, none. Does that make sense? 

I hope it does, because the world needs you and your ideas; your world does not continue if you refuse to be a part of it, and be a central part! You are the hero; the crux; the point of origin; the storymaker and the decision-maker. 

If you agree turn to page 25; if you would rather skip to page 74, turn to page 43. 

Life is not as complicated as we choose to make it. It can be an easy, like The Big Easy (1986), perhaps other Dennis Quaid movies apply, yes! Innerspace! (1987) 

If you get what I mean then we’re on the same page and that page can take you to a whole new world of rip-roaring colourful imagination in which you are the star, baby. Just like the Prince song and all subsequent Prince songs, Baby I’m A Star – Raspberry Beret – Graffiti Bridge!

Side note, you are beginning to ramble now so best change the subject.


An old disused tunnel; the brick is covered with greenery that has grown over time. A cracked and splintered wooden door hangs from its hinges, exposing a hint of darkness within. The camera pans in, sweeping up and over the door and into the gloomy interior.

A figure strikes a match inside and reveals its shape. The soft glow lifts to a face with wide eyes. The figure laughs manically, like The Joker from DC’s Batman series. The figure, not a specified gender, blows the light out.

It speaks – 

I thought all this time I was fighting the big fight; turns out, I’m fighting myself.

From the darkness we are slammed into a wall of graffiti art that ushers us unto the opening title sequence.

When The Beatles sang a little number that you may have heard of called All You Need is Love, who would have thought that it would send us a clear message of how the universe works. I know, they were all trippy and druggy and psychedelic and such, but you get the best shit when you have the best shit and they knew what they were doing.

Love is a many splendid thing, love makes the world go around; Love is All Around. Everything starts with you; the world changes and evolves because of you, and your love is what makes the difference.

We can argue until the waxing crescent has descended to make way for the sunrise that nasty people always win, yes it happens. But love is what makes the long term difference. Those entities of evil are playing the short game with a quick return, love is in it for the long haul; and life is long my fellow lovers of love. Do you want to be loved? We all want to be loved surely!

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn us just to love and be loved in return.

That reminds me of a movie:

There is no secret to life, and no big reveal at the end where you wake from your dazed bed and cry EUREKA! No, there is one thing that matters THE most when it comes to living, and that is to love every moment that happens to you, all of it; and also recognise that if it feels crap, then it is worth more.

By loving everything, every experience that you go through, then you will attract better stuff towards you. It is real, it does work, it does happen. Take money for instance, no matter what situation you are in financially, if you started to love money you will begin to receive more money. That includes coupons and gift cards and every little saving that you have made. Love is the difference, it will attract more love and that can only be positive.

So I shall conclude this broadcast day with one little small meditation type thing that you can do to inspire you into action. Sit down and imagine in your mind a ball of light just ahead of you; the light is coming from you and you can feel it wrapping itself around you and trailing from your fingertips. Notice how warm it feels, and does it make your fingers tingle? Stay in that glow for 1 minute, focus on the light and your breathing and gift yourself a small amount of time in your life to feel the love that you really want to feel…

For you.

Thank you. Here’s my book which is going to be a show and coming to a theatre near you. If you click it, I might get a couple of pennies.


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4 thoughts on “Love is Life and Life is a Video Game

  1. Making yourself the centre of your story reminds me of the Church of Satan and the Satanic Bible, which basically tells you the same thing.

    Living your life like a videogame isn’t that far off the truth as aspects of it are being injected into life, like fitness apps and wearables giving you achievements and milestones to reach to trigger the rewards centres of our brains


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