Coming Up For Air & 1989


It was a very good year. We had Indiana Jones, Batman and Back to the Future 2. We also had George H W Bush sworn in as president of the United States and Ted Bundy executed. The Berlin Wall fell; Liverpool won the FA Cup and I had my first kiss with a girl. 

There was also De La Soul and Soul II Soul. It was all soul and then Lethal Weapon and then Bond being too violent and crashing at the box office. If only we knew then that Daniel Craig was on the way. 

Why the 1989, well, I can hear that question popping up in your mind alongside the other voice asking: who gives a crap; well let me tell you. I am writing a book. 

I’ve already written plenty of books, the writing part appears to be the easiest part. I’ve written about pirates and fairies; quantum travel; self-harming; theatre murder and pandemics. I’ve written scripts about cafe’s and a library with doors to other worlds. 

The writing part is the easy part, it’s the selling part that seems to be getting me. 

Insert a plea here – If anyone can offer advice on how to sell e-books and make some money, I mean some, just some, not a million or a bestseller, just some…please reply to this poor artist who is struggling in a life to make ends meet.

Oh, awkward, sorry about that. I’m not sure who I am or where you are. Yes, 1989. My book is called 1989 and it is set in 1989 and all about 1989 when I lived through 1989 and kissed a girl. It is a love story, with a streak of tragedy lined through it and will be my next e-book. Speaking of e-books, I have a current one doing the rounds on Amazon, please divulge my innocence so that I may write about that particular piece of magic.

Cover for MIE, now at Amazon

M.I.E. is a course book born of my learning of mindfulness as I gained control of my depression. I was in a painful and desperate place, and mindfulness pointed me to a new direction of peace which started internally, and has grown out of me so that I can now talk freely about what I went through and what I have learnt. Mindfulness changed my life, and meditation is a technique that I practice most days; however, it is when I started to use music and other arts with it that I really began to refocus and re-shape my world. 

M.I.E. is My Imagination Experience. It is a course book, a self-help book and it is designed to help you channel your imagination to ease the symptoms of depression and push you onto a path to believing your gift and achieving your goals. You can go to the AMAZON page here:

It’s all about imagination; the world is about imagination. Unlocking your creativity is easy when you remove all your barriers and the biggest barrier is belief. 

I see so many Tweets from writers with writers block and the trouble is the anxiety that it produces. Once that anxiety kicks in the block will expand and the blank page will get stronger and stronger. The best way to unlock all of that is to 


Take a break, that’s it. Meditate and forget about it and you will find that after a while, like a day, two hours, twenty hours, a week, whatever, the energy will begin to flow again. You want to unlock your imagination, and write down any old shit to get you going. Play with your mind and remove all the barriers and criticisms and needs and rules. A block is exactly that, a block born of all the things that you shouldn’t do and can’t do. Throw the rules in the trash and let your mind fly.

I have changed my thinking and my life through mindful meditation and the techniques that I explain in my book. I really hope it works for others, and it is fun and light and positive and only comes from the heart. If I can earn some money from doing this then that would be the icing on the cake, but the cake is to help anyone who lives with depression or any of the offshoots. We can love who we are, it takes some effort but it is truly worth it. 

It was Shakespeare who wrote – “If music be the food of love, play on.”

It is me who writes this for you – “Music connects us back to our soul and gives us breath to keep going.” if you don’t believe me, then play some music, something that you really love, and then sway and dance and smile and think and let your imagination fly and see then how it makes you feel. 

Gift yourself some time, you are worth that, more so than you may think. Without you this planet would not be the magical place that it is; without you right here, right now, we would not be able to make those steps forward that we need to make.

You make a difference. Just being here is worth the journey so far. Give yourself a bit of time that is owed to you to listen and breathe. 

That’s all for this week, and now I will go all Jerry Springer on you and give a little conclusion to what this post is all about. If you don’t know ol’ Jerry, then feel free to head over to the Tube that is You and take a peek.

In 1989 I felt truly that I was coming to life as a proper adult being who had something to give to the world. In 1989 I felt connected to the times, to the sky and the soul of the world. In 1989 everything seemed to fall into place. I had gone through many magical years to get to this point, and I was supposed to carry this forward with confidence and determination. What happened? Well, life. Confidence eroded from exams; determination gave way to confusion; I dived into drink and fell into adult life and found cars and bills and a safe place to put my dreams away. There is a neat little box to put your child in, and in he went, crying ever since that this was not the way. 

The voice dulled and the demons grew. The dreams shattered and the splinters from that glass caused pain all over my body. Shoulders slumped, I learnt to pretend really well that everything was fine .The flame of the rebel blew out. It is only later, now, back then, when the demons voice was loudest, did I decide that I had what it took to make my life what I wanted it to be. 

So I gave myself confidence; I gave myself permission to be wrong; I gave myself targets and desires and goals. 

My ego was running the show and it was a shit-show. Time for my imagination to take a hold and see what that could do.

And it’s doing pretty well. 

Stay fresh – cheese bags. 

That’s all folks! Click up top to head to my shop of pop culture stuff and please follow me and like. I truly appreciate you reading my randomness. Be cool and be true.

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