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What is My Imagination Experience, I hear you ask?

Well, let me exchange some information designed to wrestle you into action.

Do you have depression – anxiety etc and so forth? Do you want to find a balance in yourself which is not medication related? Do you find meditation interesting but feel you have no time to divulge into such a luxurious extravagance of time? Do you love Art and would you like to use it to make yourself feel better, increase your drive and passion and open your imagination to your wonderful possibilities?

Then this is what you have been looking for.

MIE is a workshop for businesses; it is a movement for individuals; it is a call to action for people with mental health who are sick of not fitting in or being labelled as ill. If we’re not well then that means the world is not well – it is not wrong to feel emotion.

Join me, and then we will try to make the world a better place and possibly change some minds along the way. 

In this week’s episode of the blog I tackle a subject that holds us all back whenever we are trying to do something good, and I shall use one film from the back catalogue of the 1980’s to show you another way. 

This blog is about belief, pull up your nunchucks and fence-paint as we join the world of THE KARATE KID PART II.

Lobby Card for The Karate Kid Pt II

This second instalment of the ‘Kid’ franchise was released in 1986 and is set mainly on a Japanese island. Mr Myagi returns to his home only to be faced by the man who caused him to flee to the US in the first place. Again we are faced with bullies, and like the previous film the bullies have a code which is akin to honour. Both Myagi and Daniel must not only fight bullies, but bullies who believe they are right. 

However, true honour comes from belief that what you are doing is true. There is no honour in dying out of hate; and there is no honour in dying for a cause that blinds you. The bullies, whether they are American or Japanese, are blinded by a hatred of love, perhaps a fear, most certainly a jealousy. Whereas, Daniel and Myagi cherish love, and this gives them the belief to continue to the very end. If one of them would die in a fight, it would be with honour. 

So let’s call bully-honour the ego and love-honour the imagination; then we can break it down to my level which is finding patterns in movies to guide us through our mental health issues. Well, mine to be more precise, but I love that I can help you, my dear and fabulous reader.

Bully-honour only wants one thing = DESTRUCTION 

Whereas Love-honour wants all things, including peace and love and abundance and wealth and warmth and food and water.


Love-honour whispers, “sure man, you do what you got to do and we’ll see, but I won’t kill you and I won’t judge you, I’ll just let you be your own enemy.”

This is exactly how I feel when depression lurks. Part of me wants to destroy everything and rid my world of everyone; and then the other half sort of sits on the fence chewing on popcorn going, ‘well, we built this together and now you’re going to blow it all down with one storm, you’re a fucking idiot’. 

Yes, exactly that! Just like at the end of ‘Kid 2’ my Imaginary Daniel-sun rallies together and swiftly performs the neat trick Myagi has been teaching him for the last 90 minutes. 

Imagine your ego as bully-honour. The voice that says fuck this and fuck that and go to bed and hide and you’re writings shit and no-one reads your blog and it is all a waste of time. 

But  then imagine your love-honour as Daniel LaRusso in the finale of films 1 to 3; and when all is lost, when blood drips from the lip and the bandana is falling loose, you look up and wipe that blood away; you gaze towards Myagi, who nods his approval of a random violent act that could kill a fellow human, and then you launch into a final ballet of karate as the orchestra swells and the director pans over the glances of onlookers, including bully-honours mentor and this episodes love interest. 

There you have it. How to defeat that shitty little voice inside that says nothing but negative bollocks. How to change that voice to swell you with belief in your ability to do something AMAZING.

Daniel LaRusso and Kumiko

Now why The Karate Kid Part II? There are so many great films to come out of the 80s, there was also some crap as well so let’s not be swayed by the rose-tinted glasses; however, this particular film has a mighty tune by the lungs encased within the ballad-ready body of Peter Cetera. It is a killer tune, full of power and energy and passion and I now present to you, live on this blog (well, not really) via the magic of video and the sharing wonder of Youtube, Peter Cetera and his 1986 hit, The Glory of Love.

In the end it is love that will pull us through. We do it all for the glory of love. Do it for you and trust in yourself to a point where you can love yourself. 

There’s nothing pervy about loving yourself. It is not awful or disgusting or freaky. You want freaky, watch The Lost Boys. No, loving yourself is your first step towards believing in who you are and what you can do. Why not write down a list of things that you like about you, try it now, perhaps leave a comment, perhaps not, it is up to you. But do take some time my lovely reader of this blog and give it to yourself to marvel at who you are. Try to list 10 things, and then look at them and say YES! That is me!

Stay fresh, and never mind the bollocks. Signing off with cheese bags.

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writer - performer and general lover...that doesn't mean I love generals...of movies and pop culture. Tackling Mental Health using my super powers.

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