Emotions Are Universal

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Mental Health is Universal. 

Welcome to this week’s exciting instalment which I call, the universality of our emotions. Why have I called it that? Oh my dear, there are so many reasons and I can only think of one:

Because our emotions are not limited to people who have been boxed into having mental health issues, oh no. 


Oh, not me, no siree. I’m a strong alpha-mata-beta-reader. I can leap canyons and crush cola cans. Well, in  response to that retort from the audience, I tell you, so fucking what! You still have emotions, even if you choose to stub your toe to prove your strength.

You know like in those Japanese shows where they have to whack a brick into their genitalia, what does that really prove? To me it only goes to prove that your genitalia is numb and therefore no good for pleasing anyone when it comes to sex, least of all yourself. 

It’s time we understood in this world that every single human being has emotions. We are not robots performing tasks, we are living and breathing creatures who love families and friends; who care about the environment around them; who can feel the sun on their skin and the pebbles beneath their toes. Who are attuned to the sound of nature, who feel relaxed at the song of the birds; who scream at the wrongdoing in the world and feel frightened when faced with physical and emotional pain. We are all dealing with mental health issues. The problem is not mental health issues.

We all really know what the problem is, so I am going to take this opportunity to plug my book, The Self-Harming Pacifist. It is in this book, now available at Amazon, that I discuss how I see the world and how I have managed to live with depression. It has moments of madness, and moments of emotions, and is honest about how I felt. I still feel. I am.

We have a universal problem with how we are treating and reacting to our emotional health because we haven’t really changed how we do it for the last hundred years or so. 

You see, it is my humble opinion that not everything is cured by a pill. There’s a lot more that goes into making our bodies and minds better and the buck stops with you. There really is no magic pill that can transform you into the most amazing person. It’s chemicals you are putting into your body, if that was what your body needed then we would be made of the stuff. It does start from deep within you, and facing the person that you have become.

There is a reason for being the people that we are, and there are many things we can point the finger of blame towards for making us feel what we are feeling; but ultimately, the responsibility is on us to feel what we are feeling.

If someone says something and you are upset by it, are they responsible for upsetting you? Or are you responsible for allowing what they said to upset you?

Surely, unless their intention was to upset you, the responsibility is on you. If their intent was to give an opinion based on their own prejudice, and that opinion upsets you, it is not their fault that they have upset you. 

We can be in control of our emotions. If we choose to scream and cry it is our choice, just as much as it is our choice to laugh at a joke. Not all jokes are funny, and I find stuff funny that you won’t, vice-versa; there’s nothing wrong with that. 

I get upset and hurt at criticism, but that doesn’t make being criticised wrong, it means I have to learn to deal with my emotions when I get it. We don’t live in a world where we all agree with each other, but we do live in a world where we are emotional and we should be allowed to be emotional. Computers are not, and they do a good job of collating information and giving a computer-generated formulaic opinion about something or other; computers cannot do any more than that, and I feel that there is a danger now that we are expected to perform in much the same way and produce the same results.

Man that is mundane! That is so beige! That is so fucking boring!

I’m human – you’re human (unless you’re a bot reading this, but why would you, fuck off) – we’re all human!

I swear and cry and laugh and scream and get angry and feel elated and cheer and shout and get frustrated and feel love and passion and fear and sweat. I get hungry and thirsty and drunk when I shouldn’t and sober when  it would be better not to be. It’s humanity, we’re worth saving right?

We create art; music; chatter; stories; chairs; books; plates; gardens. We create love and understanding and the poetry that is life. We are pretty cool, that is when you remove the fact that we are destroying ourselves through climate change. Cheery.

We have love. We are human. A smile lifts our spirits. What’s not great about that?

So today I celebrate our emotions. If you feel anything today, happy or sad, I want to say well done to you. You have successfully remained human in a world where we are expected to be quiet and get on with it with no fuss. 

Fuck that. Let’s raise the roof.

I am trying to create a new world for mental health, and to show how normal it is for us mere mortals to have emotions. If you want to join my revolution, and become a mental health activist with me, then please sign up to my mailing list right here https://mailchi.mp/4a7753e46966/welcome-to-the-shp and you will get some wonderful information.

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writer - performer and general lover...that doesn't mean I love generals...of movies and pop culture. Tackling Mental Health using my super powers.

6 thoughts on “Emotions Are Universal

  1. I figured this out when I got to know DBT in my own journey. Everyone could benefit from some mental health practices, whether or not they have a diagnosed disorder/illness. The world would maybe be a bit less mental then!

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