We are born of the universe, of love and of madness

You are amazing. Do you know that?

In the beginning there was nothing. The stars and the worlds were born and soon afterwards so were we. We are made from the universe.  Our arms and legs, feet and nails, bones and skin that form a vessel carrying a brain, are made up of the same molecules as an asteroid or a moon. We are fragments of minerals like a rock and a meteor. We are born of the universe like the planets and the plants; the moon-dust and the mud. 

You are the stars and the universe.

A comet is born when molecules of water, carbon dioxide, and methane freeze into the rock particles before they collide to create the comet. Short period comets come from the Kuiper Belt while long period comets come from the Oort cloud.  Comets can have a life of up to 200 years. 

You are a comet in this world. You sprinkle stardust and have flair in everything that you do. If you believe in your magic, you can create magic and make a difference to this world. 

Do you believe in God, the Universe, Buddha, or others? If your reply is a yes then that must also mean that YOU BELIEVE IN YOU.

I could be challenged here, and please go ahead because it won’t change my belief that we hold the power of the universe within our minds.

Think about this: when you close your eyes you travel to another place. You could be sitting in the shitiest hole being rained on by mud, but you can close your eyes and be transported to the beach. Is that not a power that you hold? Do you believe that you can tell your body to feel it and it does?

Depression is a power, albeit a dark one, but one that if channeled correctly can be used for your benefit. After all, depression is a phrase used to describe an extreme overwhelm of emotion. Extreme emotion. Emotion. Your emotion is a power.

It’s The Force; it’s magic; it’s meditation…it’s pretty cool.

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I found balance by accepting who I am. What does that mean? (Hang on that sounds like the voice from the Vax vacuum cleaner ad) It means exactly this: in order to overcome your emotional black hole and start to bleed light into the darkness, you need to fully accept who you are; yes, the shit and everything. It means taking ownership of all the shit that goes on in your head, and it means emerging from those murky waters of guilt and shaking off the residue. Sounds easy right?

Fuck that, it’s taken me years. What helps?

Movies my dude, it’s the movies. 

We have magic and glitter and show and biz and stars and glam and heroes and villains we can boo and monsters and aliens and cowboys and girls and boys and songs and smiles and empathy and buildings being reduced to rubble. Yeah, thanks Superman for that last one. There was a magical period for movies, it sort of went like this – 30’s/40’s/50’s/80’s/90’s. 

All the other years are bleak as fuck, with some exceptions. Including now, yeah Marvel is colour but boy there are some bleak films out now that leave me feeling empty and a mess. Such negativity that I would say to any empath, anxious, depressed, low and upset person…AVOID. Where’s the fun? Where’s the MAD??!

Here’s a film you should watch if you feel in any way that you are an imposter in this world and that you are faking it. Because you can correct that course, and what you need to do is change your mindset. Not easy, but this is life, not a fucking rehearsal. We are human beings and we feel emotion. It’s all good.

Hey, disclaimer time, this is taken from my book The Self-Harming Pacifist (available at all good Amazon sites on Amazon, via Amazon, should you be wondering).

First, I would like to state clearly that I am not a doctor, psychologist or behavioural expert. I am a qualified mindfulness practitioner and I am diagnosed with depression. This is personal experience about how I have learned to cope with the condition of my mind. 

Music is meditation, stories speak to our souls. Cherry Coke is made from magic, and if they ever remove the option of a hot dog at the cinema I will never ever enter such a venue again. Love and Madness is what makes this world go around. You have it, I have it, and Jamiroquai has it. I sit in my Buddy Holly glasses knowing that I could close my eyes and be performing Peggy Sue in front of tens of people. What you say to yourself you believe. So change the narrative. You know when the original Blade Runner came out it had a voice-over like an old detective film? Well, so do you in your life, you have a constant voice-over that fills in all the details and bits you are missing, to help you comprehend what is going on in front of you. It’s the voice that screams when a bad driver cuts you up. It’s also the voice that tells you why you can’t do something and protects you from getting that promotion or putting your neck on the line when you witness bad behaviour. It’s a sound that causes the waves in the sea of guilt. Meditation can help to drown that voice out and send it sinking to the depths of the imaginary ocean where imaginary Jaws can gobble it up. I challenge you, dear reader, to challenge you.

Next week, Fighting Fantasy novels of the 80s and how they are good training for becoming a hero in your life.

For Now – stay fresh…

Published by zacthrav

writer - performer and general lover...that doesn't mean I love generals...of movies and pop culture. Tackling Mental Health using my super powers.

8 thoughts on “We are born of the universe, of love and of madness

  1. Stories, myths, fables, movies… are powerful and essential to us, I think! They’re the mirror we hold up to make sense of ourselves and our world. I love the sense of perspective and excitement you build at the start of this post – my father always told me as a kid that “we’re all stardust” and his words have stayed with me. Thanks for this inspiring post!


    1. Indeed. I have found that re-watching an old movie that I enjoy helps my mood. I also find most 80’s movies to be positive and strong on story. We all find our own way, and that is why we are brilliant.


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