How I Saved My Life (and other tales)

Dead Squirrels Save Lives. What does that even mean? Surely these are four randomly selected letters put together to form some sort of sick hook; or perhaps to shock the reader into clicking into this blog only to be sold some affiliated links?

You know me so little dear reader. Because I am currently on an anti-affiliate plane as I navigate the Fifth Dimension of this universe in order to re-balance my soul. So, wrong there. Also, these are not four randomly selected words put together for a hook, but a story of salvation that has led me, because I am the main protagonist along with the poor squirrel, towards a new path and new direction. So let me say it again, and  then divulge the story to you so that we may move on from the awful image of a dead squirrel that is no doubt clouding your judgement of this blog:

DEAD SQUIRRELS SAVE LIVES. #deadsquirrelssavelives

This is the tale.

It was a Saturday, the sun was out and a warm breeze filtered in through the open window of my car. I was driving to work, not speeding, cruising; winding my way over the countryside, trees rushing past and fields merging one to the other. It was a quiet and easy ride through the patchwork country of England. I was listening to the radio, Scala Radio to be precise. I find the music calming as I am forced out onto the road when I would rather still be in bed. As I turned a bend I came upon a long stretch; completely alone, I eased pressure onto the accelerator. I saw a shape, a small ball in the road which I thought might be a bird or something. As I sped towards it my foot hovered over the brake, ready to react should the bird panic, or whatever it was.

It was a squirrel. It panicked. So did I.

I hate it when I see animals killed by cars on the road. I have only ever hit one, a bird, about twenty years ago, and it pained me for days. 

I heard a thud, I screamed. I slammed my foot on the brake and fell silent. The world was still. I heard no birds, nature was in mourning.

I was incensed; distraught; overcome with emotion. I wanted to rip the world open, peel away at time and go all the way back so that I never left the house that morning. I promised there and then, to the squirrel that I couldn’t see but imagined squished on the road, that I would change my life. I knew that had I not been going to work that morning this squirrel would be alive; so I vowed that I would make it my mission to leave this place of work and never have to make this journey again. 

There is an epitaph to this story. First of all, yes, I am changing my life and soon it will be so; but second, I took the same route home to pay my respects to the squirrel I expected to see as a mangled and bloodied mess on the road, having been there all day with other cars speeding over its corpse. When I  reached the spot of the accident, there was no squirrel. No mess; no sign of a body…nothing.

Perhaps I had stunned the squirrel; perhaps I had not hit it at all and it was in my imagination. All I know is that there was no squirrel.

How to make bongos

Andy Kaufman, the performer and artist, played bongos during his live shows in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I love the sound of the drum, and the freedom that playing bongos can give you. Freedom is a rare commodity promised to us by authorities who choose how it should look, however, they cannot take away the freedom that is your mind. 

They try. They create stories that make us think we are free; they create systems and cures for things and foods that we should like and set out the days to their design and then we believe them, we take the pills and eat the foods and go to bed at the same time to be at work at the same time; but, just as in The Matrix, what is the truth?

So, begin the journey to creative and spiritual freedom by creating your very own unique and personalised bongo set. 

Here are the ingredients: (sum) of Pringle tubes (other makes acceptable)

Gaffer tape (other makes acceptable)

For my version I took five Pringle tubes of varying length and taped them all together, ensuring the tops (the silver bit) were all level. Viola! Your very own set of bongos and to top it all off you can choose colours to your liking. 

Announcing a New Show: Mindset Reset

Progress and growth is so important in life, without it we would not have invention, or desire. Life throws us many crossroads and at times we must make decisions that appear full of risk. I am at such a place, and that is why I have chosen a path towards helping people who may be like me find a balance and honesty with their emotions. The first part of this starts with a new live show that I will be hosting.

Yes folks, I am launching Mindset Re Set. A brand new live online show championing people diagnosed with mental health issues to understand they have control over their thoughts and emotions. That it is not the end of something, but the beginning of a new way to look at your life, your world, your understanding of who you are.

Jim Carrey, who himself suffers from depression, said that depression is your avatar telling you something is wrong.

Using Pop Culture, including movies, music, games and more. The first episode begins on 27th September 2021, Monday Night – 6.30pm. 

To become a part of this, and to gain access to be a member of the audience, please comment below or sign up to my email list, which you can find on the homepage of this blog site, and I will send over a link. You can also get in touch on FB, TW and INSTA.

I am so excited for this next chapter of my life, something I feel that passionate about and that I can really make a difference and help people. I truly believe that we can overcome mental health issues by changing our approach to it, by acknowledging that it is alright to feel how we feel rather than make it bad, or a problem. 

I may not offer a cure, but I offer a refocus and wish to open a conversation. 

The show will be weekly, and will feature guests and speakers, first of all it is just me; but if you feel you would also like to take part please do get in touch.

Signing off now friends, remember that you are amazing, and that anything you think you can do in your imagination is entirely possible outside of it. 

Be kind, to you and to others. 

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writer - performer and general lover...that doesn't mean I love generals...of movies and pop culture. Tackling Mental Health using my super powers.

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