Living With Noise in Your Head (or, live in front of a studio audience)

There are tough days and less tough days, but are there ever easy days? I suppose days sitting in bed can be easy, the trouble with those is that I then begin to wrestle the guilt-monster. Then we have days of watching, washing, eating, sleeping; I tend to get a bit twitchy with those days.

How about the tough days, how do we cope with them? Well, there are a number of ways; here’ some:

Bury your head in the sand

Deny any responsibility

Drink copious amounts of alcohol

Perhaps take some drugs (never tried that one though)

Blame everything, like others, the weather, the boss, the news, the government etc

Keep it all in and feel your heart pumping as if it was about to burst

Sweat it out

Get angry at people, perhaps do a bit of road-rage

Ah, just some of the effective choices people will make when faced with stress. Sorry, did I write effective? I meant ridiculous. However, it seems that these are the first reactions that come to mind first and if this speaks of you then I can call you only one thing: 


But this world is crazy. I mean we could all probably agree on that one right? So when faced with rough days that just aren’t working for you this is when you need to put yourself back into alignment with yourself and with the universe around you. For this you can meditate, breathe, calm, play some music and just allow the day to drift. This action will give you a necessary time out, will remove you from the stress but it won’t make the situation disappear; although you can see it from a different point of view.

Yet I would like to offer you another choice. One that seems to pop into my head when times are getting tough and especially when I feel the world is heading into a weird place. I imagine I am in a sitcom.

Yep, you read that right, a sitcom…starring you (well me, I don’t imagine you but I mean for you to imagine you, not me). 

Just picture this imagery when you find yourself faced with stress, perhaps a shouty person, or a situation beyond your control that is causing you to sweat and your blood pressure to rise: you say something funny/astute/wise and then an audience roars with laughter as you find the perfect response to such a situation.

Life is a situation-comedy is it not? Well, it depends on your viewpoint. It is also a tragedy if you choose to see it from that point of view as well. Life is actually whatever YOU choose it to be. To some the sea is blue, to others it is grey, and to others it looks like shit. Everyone of those people are correct. 

To imagine yourself away from the point of stress and into a situation comedy scenarios can actually help with the emotional stress and the pain that comes with that. You’re not ignoring where you are, and you are not belittling it, however you are choosing to view it from another perspective and for a moment removing yourself from the storm that it has created. By saying something funny, even if it is silent remark known only to you, and then hearing the studio audience on your side, not only will it help ease some stress, you may also feel some support from the imaginary audience you have created.

Now, this has worked for me in the past. It takes some skill to remember to do it when the chips are down and you are faced with tension or anger or all. I try to picture myself in a studio, and the other people as actors who could also say something funny, and then you sort of create the environment where you are all in the sitcom. This can mean that if someone says something in anger that is a little strange, it could also get an audience reaction. 

I wasn’t going to write about this at all when I sat down to prepare this blog post. Instead I was going to write about leaving your job, however, that will have to wait. This came to mind because in the next episode of Mindset Reset, my weekly Zoom show, I will be looking at how it feels to have an audience living in your head. 

Here’s the previous episode:

Living with noise in your head is distracting, stressful and off-putting. Sometimes you hear things and are convinced it is true. Perhaps this is mild schizophrenia, perhaps it is a sign of something else. What I do know is that it is an overactive brain that continues to babble on even when the lights go out. 

However, I did spend a lot of my childhood alone. Yes I had friends, and we played and rode bikes and pretended to be in the army in the woods, but a lot of my time was spent alone in my room. It was then that I started talking to myself. I didn’t have  pretend friends, that wasn’t for me, but I did have an audience watching my show; and the show they had tuned in to was my life. 

In Monday’s show I will be using films like The Truman Show to see how we react when we feel an audience is watching us. While it sounds like fun, it also prevented me from doing certain things or reaching goals, because I became paranoid over how I was coming across and that people were watching me all the time. The show became a burden, and the burden stopped me achieving. Imaginations can be as destructive as they can be as magical, and for a long time mine was destroying any chance I had to make something of myself.

Yet here I am, leaping out of the darkness and pirouetting into the light like a performer ready for his solo. Tune in to Mindset Reset, Mondays at 6.30pm UK Time. If you want to reserve a ticket for the show, type RESET in the comments section below and I will reply with the Zoom link for Monday. Hope to see you there for half an hour of fun, talk and tips. You can also win a prize. 

Be kind to yourself. Life is darkness and lightness and all the colours in between. It has to be, it is what makes life so rich and rewarding. Without the darkness, we wouldn’t appreciate the light. Stay safe and well, until the next voice. 

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writer - performer and general lover...that doesn't mean I love generals...of movies and pop culture. Tackling Mental Health using my super powers.

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