Do You Live With the Universe in Your Mind?

The Energy – there is a movie called The Last Starfighter. I don’t know if you have seen it, if you have, leave a comment in the comments section that says comments; but I am distracted. In the movie a young man who is excelling at an arcade game in his local town is drafted into an alien space battle where he is the only hope to save their world.

The arcade machine was a test, and these machines were sent all over the galaxy to find the best starfighter pilots ever. All it cost was 20c for a go and you could have been in the chosen one.

What does this have to do with energy? well, it shows one thing, that if you put something out there you will get results. You have to put your desire out there into the universe and then you have to wait, be patient, do not push and do not change and do not remove it because it has not worked after a day or two. You must have patience.

Put out there what you want to do in order to obtain the sort of success you want. Let me say one thing about mental health and issues that encompass that, if you have a goal, a purpose, a desire, a cause, then you can challenge whatever thoughts that occur in your mind. The lesson from The Last Starfighter is this: don’t overthink, and be patient. Just put out there what you want to be known for and BE YOU. Don’t choose a version that you think others will like, or accept; don’t be someone that someone else has said that you are. Don’t hold back on your true self because you are worried it will upset people, or cause people to question you, or will make people uncomfortable.

Change is uncomfortable. If you want to find your true path, and set out on your cause for this world, and put your purpose out there, it needs to come from you. The true you who you feel in your heart, your belly and in that voice in your mind.

the one screaming and yelling to just do it

The Flow – when you feel it, you feel it. When you don’t feel it don’t question why you don’t feel it, because you are still in it until you start to think that you are not. When you think you are not you come out of it and you have to get back into it.

How do you get into it? You close your mind of all your thoughts and you let it all go. Life happens; shit happens; beautiful things happen; people laugh, people die; people get angry, people fall in love. All without you being there. The sun rises, the moon appears, squirrels hunt for nuts and a salmon flips in the river. If you don’t think about it, it still happens. The only thing you can control in your world is your reaction to it, and if you let go, if you allow the world to roll and breathe and give and take and be free, then you are doing the same thing for you.

Luke Skywalker is not taught to lift the X-Wing from the swamp, he is told to believe and trust in The Force. Trust the energy, don’t think about the thing you want, just remain in the flow of the energy.

You ask the universe a question, say, I need to find a new job. You put it out there, you wait, and you don’t think about it anymore. Is life that simple?

Why do we make it so hard? We are the architects of our own downfall. We overthink and confuse and we allow logic to get in the way and this is what happens:

you don’t go anywhere, you stay put, logic keeps you safe, you stay safe and you do no growing

The Gratitude – say thank you, all the time. Sometimes you need to learn a lesson and it hurts, but you can recognise that and say thanks. Sometimes you ask for wealth and you get a voucher that gives you something for free, that’s a reason to say thanks. Your power is within you. Do you believe in magic? Do you believe in You?

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Why do we not see ourselves as magical? The answers and the acknowledgements are there for us if we open our eyes. 

Here’s my story. The times I worry about shit things don’t go well; I get shaky, I get sweaty, I feel ill, my body is reacting to my stress and I start to think negative thoughts. I go “you can’t do this” and then I can’t; I say “this will never work” and it doesn’t. 

So why don’t we flip that over on its head and talk differently? Start by saying thank you for how this day will work out, thank you for the wonderful thing that will happen to me today. If there’s something you need to do, need to attend, need to face, say thank you for the guidance and the lesson. Open your heart to it and then your mind will be open to possibilities. When we overthink a situation we cloud ourselves to any potential pathways we could take. We have already determined an outcome and as the rule says, what you think is what is true. 

If you think you are amazing, then you are amazing! Who gives a shit what anyone else thinks, there is only one person who can change your life, and that person is you. 

Ask the question – let it go – don’t put up blocks – be patient

That is the rule of the universe. In order to change your life, to come to terms with your emotional challenges, or to achieve the life that you want to live, you have to start first with you. Trust you, believe in you, love you. Start there and then surrender your heart to the magic that is all around you. It’s there. The only person you have to convince is yourself. 

My workshops and programmes are designed to help people who have depression or anxiety and want, or need, an alternative to medicine. 
I was on medication for years and it didn’t work too well for me, physically and emotionally. So I wanted to try and find ways to explore emotions and to accept who we are as a whole. I wanted to accept the dark stuff in my head as much as the light, and not feel like half a person.
I realised that the movies I loved as a child connected me to the world, and opened my imagination. This led me to a mindful approach and I began to use these films as ideas towards understanding my emotions and behaviours. 

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