my world is my imagination

There are some wonderful blogs about mental health, depression and anxiety, and each one offers us very important information and messages. While to some this personal blog may appear to take mental and emotional health lightly, I would like to make it clear that I treat our international emotional health very seriously.  I write from myContinue reading “my world is my imagination”

Love is Life and Life is a Video Game

Previously, on Empire of Imagination… Post Number 6…just like The Prisoner in classic televisual series, The Prisoner. Here’s a tip for Spring, rub peanut butter around your lips and go for a walk in the park. You’ll be loved by all of nature.  Video games; games; gamebooks; role-playing games. Games, games, games. Life is aContinue reading “Love is Life and Life is a Video Game”

Classic TV shows are remade very badly. Why?

The answer is friendship and we all need friendship, in life as on screen. While the main focus of the MI Experience is helping everyone to cope with their emotions, this is important, and it deals with storytelling and our lives…also… I gotta get this off my chest… Starsky & Hutch was not a comedyContinue reading “Classic TV shows are remade very badly. Why?”

Presenting the Ultimate Battle Within

Audiences love a good Versus; don’t they? Let’s take some hit movies from yester-year and check out the conflict: Skywalker vs Skywalker – Jones vs Nazis – McFly vs Tannen – Eastwood vs Bad Guys Equally we’ve had movies with Versus in the title, like Cowboys vs Aliens. Also a comic strip, Spy vs SpyContinue reading “Presenting the Ultimate Battle Within”