The M. I. Experience and Mindset Reset

What is the M. I. Experience?

It is using pop culture and arts to empower people with mental health issues and to help them find balance and acceptance with who they are.

I have workshops which use 80’s movies to open a channel to talking about various aspects of mental health.

I have delivered Three Amigos and Imposter Syndrome to Kent County Council.

Ghostbusters and Risk, Resilience and Faith, also to employees of Kent County Council.

Workshops are available for businesses online or in person; for individuals as a 1 to 1; and for groups up to 20.


“Zac’s openness and enthusiasm for the topic, and support for mental health was what I liked the best.” KCC Employee

“Imaginative use of media to bring our attention to mental health.” KCC

Mindset Reset is a weekly event where I open up about my own experiences and chat to guests. I offer hints and tips on how to recognise your emotions and those triggers. It is designed to give people help with their emotions on a weekly basis for free. In invite them along with a link as it’s on Zoom, to get a ticket, or for more updates, head to my Facebook page –

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